Everyone knows how hard it can be to access all our online services. And every online organization has to define its own rules for access to its services. So each of us memorizes and manages dozens of passwords, with different expiration dates and limits on how to replace them.

Dozens of separate solutions that were each supposed to protect us add up to an unpleasant online experience (expired password, access denied...). This just reduces overall security, with user IDs and passwords on Post-its or saved in a file or overly simple and too often reused. And it undermines your good mood at the same time.

Sinossi Software is the coordinator and main developer of the open-source code for the Identity-Authentication Model, I-AM. Your dream of logging on to any and every service with one single identifier comes true with I-AM. The I-AM society is striving to assure every citizen the right to be recognized online as a single, unique identity

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