"Agile" is the way we describe the character of our company, Sinossi Software. The adjective agile applies both to our company and to the solution we provide. The designed-in agility is methodological, organizational, and commercial:

  • methodological, because we use an innovative software-engineering approach to design a new paradigm for interaction between individuals and companies;
  • organizational, because we structure processes to provide customers with fast, flexible responses to establish a personalized, transparent connection;
  • commercial, because the software is opensource and development costs are clearly established, proportional to requirements.

Sinossi Software consists of two operating units:

  • consulting in Milan, with the task to follow and support Customers in defining, designing and developing solutions;
  • technology in Cagliari, with the task of offering customers a pool of expertise able to breed technologies and vertical knowledge on solutions and maintain excellence on used technologies, following their evolution.