The skills that allow Synopsis Software to offer and successfully oversee the issues that are relevant are briefly summarized below.

Enabling Technologies

Digital signature and strong authentication technologies

  • Solutions Digital Signature ( Local and Remote ) comply with national legislation ( DigitPa , eg . New CAD and Cnipa Resolution 45/2009 ) and European ( ETSI );
  • Customizing and Deploying PKI based on Open Source platforms and OpenCA EJBCA;
  • Solution development and verification of signature on specifications for the circuit IdenTrust;
  • Open Source solution for Mobile OTP soft tokens on all platforms Smartphone ( iPhone , Android , BlackBerry , WindowsPhone ) and PC ( Winodws , Mac , Linux ).

Data and transactions Protection technologies

  • Customization and exclusive distribution solutions Hardened Apps EISST Ltd, including H - Browser, Desktop - H, H -files, PDF - H, H - Mail, H - Login, or applications designed to counter attacks independently of logical security and protect data and personal transactions;
  • Cloud Trust Authority framework, for the probability of possession date ( PTO ) information on Cloud, Searchable Encryption and data integrity.

Web federation and web single sign on technologies

  • Web Single Sign On and Authentication / Access Management;
  • Solutions attribute authority and exchange metadata for recording authentication and contextual.

Basic technologies

  • Advanced client-server programming in Java, C, C++, Python, Javascript, Ruby;
  • Framework currently used : Spring framework, CXF, Axis, Hibernate, iBATIS, Liquibase, OrmLite, Junit, TestNG, AngularJS, NodeJS, JavascriptMVC, JQuery, Bootstrap, Foundation;
  • Distributed applications : SOAP, REST.
  • Design and development of applications for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile;
  • Distribution and applications through PlayStore AppStore ;
  • Advanced programming HTML, Dynamic HTML, HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript, JSP, JSTL, EJS;
  • Scripting languages​​: Perl, BASH;
  • Advanced knowledge of XML and XSLT transformations.
  • Database: PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL server, ORACLE, MongoDB, Sqlite
  • Web server: Apache HTTPD, Nginx
  • Application server: Tomcat, JBOSS (EAP e Wildfly)
  • Configuration management: CFEngine

Software Management

  • Extreme Programming ( XP ) Agile software development techniques;
  • Deployment Management through DevOps approach;
  • Use of project management tools such as Redmine, Jira, Bugzilla, Rally;
  • Software Modelling: UML and IDL;
  • Distributed Version Control System: SVN, GIT
  • Software Release build automation: Hudson, Maven, Artifactory, Gradle;
  • Software quality and code inspection with Sonar.