We offer our clients human, technical and methodological resources. For each client, we instantiate the following processes:

  • analyzing requirements and change requests;
  • developing software;
  • managing software releases.

These processes keep running throughout our collaboration, ensuring that the system continues to evolve and run smoothly.

The Sinossi software development lifecycle is incremental and is iterated against an incremental set of requirements, selected on a use-case basis. The design process consists of two parts:

  • developing the application;
  • developing technical architecture (which consists of planning, implementation, and operation).

Application and content development comprises two methods:

  • acquiring (through purchase or re-use) components and content;
  • developing internal components.

The two application methods share the stages of analysis, development, testing, and integration, whereas design has various different stages. The acquisition method emphasizes third-party components and their customization, while development focuses on designing applications. During the development, testing, and integration stages, external and internal components are developed, integrated, and tested in the new application.